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Top 10 Reasons To Dine On A Boat

Do you know the top 10 reasons to dine on a boat?

We love Portland, Maine and so do tourists! From brewery tours to whiskey bars to speakeasies, there’s really a little something here for everyone. But one of the hidden gems that don’t get commented on enough is Portland’s floating restaurant. After all, not every city in the country has something this unique. But all that really matters is if you’re dining on a boat. Check out these top 10 reasons you should be dining on a boat!

1. Celebrate

There’s a lot of great places that you can go for special occasions in Portland, but dining on a boat located on Portland’s harbor is something different and fun. We’re all about dinner for birthdays or a nice dessert, but if you need to celebrate something extra special, dining on a boat is definitely the way to go. Imagine: you and your friends are dining at DiMillo’s, outside on our beautiful deck with the waves crashing softly behind you. You’re sipping cocktails and cracking lobster tails while watching the stars and toasting to a beautiful occasion. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Wine is a good reason to dine on a boat

2. Wines & Cocktails

A hot summer night just begs for a good glass of wine, preferably outside. If you can’t drink in your own backyard, why not drink at ours? Our wine and cocktail list are expertly curated, featuring selections from around the world. Just ask any of our bartenders about what their favorite drink is and you’re sure to find a new favorite as well! Even if you’re just looking for a glass of White Zinfandel before your night out on the town, our bar is well stocked and an experience that you’ll always remember.

3. Know Where Your Food Comes From

In this day and age, it’s becoming more and more important to know where your food comes from. Want to know where your lobster dinner came from? Just look at the water! That’s right, your meal is coming directly from the ocean and is the freshest possible. We pride ourselves on our high-quality seafood, and will only serve the best to our customers. That’s a guarantee because we know it’s coming from right here in Portland!

4. The Best Waterfront Views

Looking for that perfect Instagram shot? We recommend sitting out on our deck this summer as the sun is setting. With warm, natural lighting and a stunning sunset behind you, your selfie game has never been stronger. Make sure you catch the sunlight glinting and sparkling on the ocean behind you for the ideal juxtaposition your Instagram followers will love.

Drink the Bluet 75 cocktail and dine on a boat!

5. Proximity To Other Bars And Restaurants

After you’ve shared your gorgeous photo across social, you’ll be just steps away from other popular bars and restaurants in the Old Port. Nobody wants to stay at the same place all night, so we’re a great first spot to get fantastic drinks, snap a few pictures for your Instagram story, and just start the evening off on a great foot! Check out Novare Res, Blyth& Burrows, Maps, and The North Point to keep the night going strong after!

6. Great Spot Before Concerts

If you have tickets to a show in Portland, there’s nothing worse than trying to find a place to grab a bite beforehand. Unless you stake out spots at 4:30 pm, it’s impossible to find a restaurant or bar that’s not crowded near the State Theatre or the Cross Insurance Arena. DiMillo’s is a little bit further, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a spot to eat and drink before rocking out! With happy hour, dinner, and a gorgeous full bar make us the next meet up spot instead of getting frustrated.

Wouldn't you like to eat our Maine Lobster Bake and dine on a boat?

7. Get The True Maine Seafood Experience

We could probably count on our fingers and toes several times over just how many places you can get seafood in Portland. It’s a lot! But not every restaurant in Portland gives you that true Maine seafood experience. DiMillo’s has been around for over 60 years and is a pivotal part of Portland’s restaurant history. There’s nothing better than knowing where your seafood is coming from literally courtesy of the wharf just a few hundred feet away from your plate! To get the true Maine seafood experience, make sure you’re doing it on a boat with us.

8. Prime People-Watching Spot

Say what you want about Portland, but this is definitely a city for people watching. At DiMillo’s we’ve got prime real estate if you’re looking to do some people watching. Check out the lobstermen pulling in their catch, or just look around our restaurant. All walks of life dine here: little old ladies who lunch, baby boomers on date night, or just millennials looking to pregame before they go out on the town! If you sit outside on our deck, you can also observe tourists flocking around the wharf and checking out vendors selling baubles. There’s so much more to Portland than meets the eye!


9. Wow Your First Date

If you’re a hopeless romantic, then you know that you have to plan a first date that impresses! Show you’re a classic by wowing your first date and dine on a boat. Of course, not just any boat, but a boat that showcases the beauty of Portland’s working waterfront. We’ll make sure every minute of your date is perfect from start to finish. You could enjoy an elegant lobster dinner on our outdoor deck while you watch the sunset paint the sky purple, orange, and yellow and then share Maine blueberry cobbler. Could there be a better first date?

10. Schedule Your Next Company Meeting

When you need to get out of the office for a company meeting, the choices become slim. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do something different, and impress your boss? Schedule your next company meeting in one of our spacious event spaces on our second level! Get extra points with the boss by ordering from our Luncheon menu, proving that working hard and playing harder is possible! This is one company meeting that you and your co-workers will never forget.

There are so many more reasons to dine on a boat! Think we missed the most important reasons? Let us know in the comments or on social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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