Appetizers & Salads

    • Appetizers

    • Jumbo Shrimp (GF)

      5.5 per shrimp

      Huge shrimp, served chilled with house cocktail sauce.

    • Steamed Maine Clams (G)


      Served with broth and drawn butter. Dug fresh daily from the mud flats off the coast of Maine.

    • Sauteed Mussels (G)


      With white wine, garlic and Raye's sweet & spicy mustard.

    • Crispy Fried Oyster


      Boston lettuce, tomato, bacon & house tartar sauce.

    • Crab Cakes


      Served with a red pepper remoulade.

    • Bacon Wrapped Scallops


      Tender native scallops wrapped with all-natural smoky bacon & tossed in Maine maple syrup.

    • Sicilian Meatball


      One jumbo meatball with marinara on a garlic toast round with ricotta and fresh micro basil

    • Spicy Seared Tuna (GF)


      Seared ahi tuna sliced thin, finished with sesame ginger vinaigrette, charred jalapeno aioli, thin sliced jalapenos and micro cilantro

    • Spicy Calamari


      Calamari & hot cherry peppers, breaded, fried & finished with Jalapeno Aioli. DiMillo's donates $1.00 for every Spicy Calamari ordered to help Maine kids in need.

    • Salads (GF)

    • Casa Insalata (G)


      Arugula, red onion, Feta, grape tomatoes, candied walnuts and grapes with crispy fried onions

    • Caesar Salad (G)


      Traditionally prepared with anchovies

    • Diamond Island Cobb Salad (G)


      Grilled chicken, arugula, apples, craisins, gorgonzola, chopped egg walnuts and poppy seed dressing and avocado.

    • Add to any Salad (GF)

      Grilled Chicken add 4.00
      Lobster add 17.00
      Crab add 8.00
      Chilled Jumbo Shrimp (per shrimp) add 4.75

      Poppy Seed, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Casear

    • The Tuscan Shrimp Wedge (GF)


      A classic wedge salad with an herb-broiled shrimp skewer, bacon & bleu cheese dressing.

    • Soups & Chowders

    • Haddock Chowder

      9.50 bowl / 6.50 cup
    • New England Clam Chowder

      9.50 bowl / 6.50 cup
    • French Onion Soup au gratin

      8.00 crock
    • Lobster Stew

      18.00 bowl / 12.00 cup
    • Soup of the Day

      6.00 Bowl / 4.00 Cup
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