Podcasts - DiMillo's on the Water


The Salvation Army

Listen to our latest podcast where we interview Mary Irace from the Salvation Army. You can expect to learn the history of the Salvation Army in Portland and how you can give back.

Furniture Friends, A Local Organization

The DiMillo family believes in giving back and making the community stronger. This podcast features Furniture Friends, a local organization dedicated to helping people get back on their feet. Furniture Friends is looking for gently used furniture, monetary donations and volunteers. To learn more about Furniture Friends, listen to the podcast & check out their website.


The History of DiMillo’s

The very first DiMillo’s podcast includes Steve and Johnny DiMillo sharing the history of the infamous Portland, ME restaurant. Did you know DiMillo’s didn’t start on the boat? Listen below to learn more about the restaurant came to be DiMillo’s On The Water.

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