It’s A Great Time To Be A Local At DiMillo’s On The Water!

The weather is getting colder, but that doesn’t mean you should shut yourself away until spring! Instead, why not come to DiMillo’s and join us for Locals’ Season? It’s a great time to be a local in beautiful Portland, Maine! Early Dinner Specials Are Back One of our favorite parts of fall is when we… Read More


Top 10 Reasons To Dine On A Boat

Do you know the top 10 reasons to dine on a boat?

We love Portland, Maine and so do tourists! From brewery tours to whiskey bars to speakeasies, there’s really a little something here for everyone. But one of the hidden gems that don’t get commented on enough is Portland’s floating restaurant. After all, not every city in the country has something this unique. But all that… Read More

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