Entrees Archives - DiMillo's on the Water


Seafood Scampi

Seafood Scampi 22 Pacific white shrimp, lobster & scallops sautéed with garlic and butter, served over spaghetti with garlic bread.


DiMillo’s Style Lobster Mac & Cheese

DiMillo's Style Lobster Mac & Cheese 22 Fresh lobster tossed with campanelle in a creamy lobster mascarpone cheese sauce with cognac, finished with our famous lobster stuffing crumbs & garlic bread.


Fried Shrimp

Fried Shrimp 29 Sweet Pacific white shrimp, fried until golden brown.


Fried Clams

Fried Clams 20 Served with a side of anchovy caper aiolo and chives


Native Haddock (G)

Native Haddock (G) 20 Broiled on cedar paper with seasoned bread crumbs or fried.


Fried Seafood Sampler

Fried Seafood Sampler 24 Pacific white shrimp, scallops, clams, haddock, calamari & fried lemon

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