International Women's Day At DiMillo's - DiMillo's on the Water

International Women’s Day At DiMillo’s

Did you know that March is Women’s History Month, in addition to March 8th being International Women’s Day? International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievement while raising awareness against bias and taking action for equality.

Here at DiMillo’s On the Water, we know firsthand just how important it is to have a strong female presence in our restaurant. That’s why our four team leaders are all women! 

It’s not a coincidence or an accident. Keep reading to learn more about why they make every experience at DiMillo’s On the Water memorable!

Head Chef, Melissa Bouchard

If you’ve dined at DiMillo’s in the last 9 years, you’ve tasted one of Chef Melissa’s amazing creations. From happy hour bites like the tantalizing gnocchi fontina to baked stuffed lobster for dinner, Melissa Bouchard brings the magic that is DiMillo’s alive for our patrons every day.

Chef Melissa’s focus is a simple one: preparing simply prepared cuisine that highlights the things that make Maine so desirable, like our seafood and agriculture. This, combined with an understanding of what tastes right is why people come to DiMillo’s from near and far. It’s no surprise then that Melissa Bouchard is an award-winning chef.

Beverage Director, Chelsea DiMillo

One of the things that’s set Portland apart from the rest of the country is our focus on craft beer and quality beverages. At DiMillo’s, this means you’ll find plenty of local craft beers on draft. 

You’ll also find quality wines from all around the world on our menu. None of this would be possible without Beverage Director Chelsea DiMillo. 

It’s impossible to have an excellent food menu if you don’t have a beer and wine list to complement it. Chelsea is always able to recommend the perfect wine for someone based on their taste preferences. 

This is a must if you are running any kind of beverage program. From an elegant bottle of Australian Riesling to an Italian Prosecco, you’ll find a wine that goes with your meal at DiMillo’s!

Bar Manager, Lisa Baugher

You can’t have great food without great drinks, and bar manager Lisa Baugher is a big part of this. There’s more to managing a bar than mixing drinks, and Lisa brings it in spades. 

She’s warm, compassionate, and cares about our customers. When you love what you do, it shows! 

It doesn’t hurt that she mixes a great cocktail either! You can thank her for popular cocktails like the Lil Dinghy and The Shoreline as well. 

Missy Anderson, Dining Room Manager

At DiMillo’s, we want everyone who walks through our doors to feel like family. Our Dining Room Manager, Missy Anderson, manages our staff with a family approach. 

It means our guests are number one and the focus is always on outstanding service, hospitality, and a wonderful dining room experience. We believe this is how you should feel every time you dine at DiMillo’s! 

After all, we are Portland’s one-of-a-kind dining experience. When you dine with us, you’re family. Every person who works at DiMillo’s is an important part of what makes us so successful, but we could never do it without these four team leaders. 

Next time you’re dining at DiMillo’s On the Water, remember that they are a large part of what makes us so special.

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