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The DiMillo family has been serving fine food in Portland since Tony DiMillo opened his first restaurant, "Anthony's," in 1954.

In 1982, "DiMillo's Floating Restaurant" opened her doors and became the only floating restaurant on the upper East Coast.

Today, Tony's family continue to maintain the high standards he established over 50 years ago.

front: Jeanette Breggia, Dan DiMillo, Justina Ives
back: Steven DiMillo, Arlene DiMillo, Johnny DiMillo

Steven DiMillo Manager

I have been working with the family business since age 8. I started washing dishes and worked virtually every department prior to assuming my current position. While I oversee all aspects of the restaurant, my emphasis is in customer service and I am committed to providing an enjoyable dining experience anytime a customer steps on board. I am active in the community, serving on various boards and committees including Executive Committee of the Maine Restaurant Association. A 1978 graduate of Deering High School, I reside in Portland with my wife Marge, son Steven and daughter Chelsea. When I am not at the restaurant, I enjoy staying active by taking walks with my wife, riding my motorcycle and boating with family and friends.

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Johnny DiMillo Manager

I have been in the family business since high school. I tried other professions such as playing drums in a rock band and an NCO in the United States Army. I am extremely proud of my enlistment and my tour of duty (2004) in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. After my active duty enlistment ended in 1996, my father asked me to return to the business. I managed different departments during the first 10 years. Now I focus more on the front of the house and customer relations. I am always searching for new ways to improve operations but I never forget the basics that my father taught me.

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Steve DiMillo Jr. Banquet Manager

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree....yes, I am happy to say, Steve DiMillo Sr. is my Dad. I've grown up in the 'family business', working here off and on since the age of 13. Picking up trash in the parking lot was one of my first responsibilities (and continues to be so), then on to 'landscaping' duties, bussing, bartending and food service. After graduating from Deering High School, I headed for the mountains and the University of Vermont. I helped earn my way through school bartending, graduating with a degree in Economics in 2006. Taking a break from the academic life, I traveled to Florida and spent a year there working in a trendy upscale restaurant/bar called Dexter's. I missed the mountains, I missed Portland and I missed my back to Maine and to a great job with IDEXX, where I worked happily until the opportunity presented itself to join the team here at DiMillo's with family and friends. Being third generation family, I am excited to further contribute to the unique business my grandfather established over fifty years ago.

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Chelsea DiMillo Bar Manager
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Fern Cyr Dining Room Manager

I started in the restaurant business at the age of 13 washing dishes. I liked it so much that I spent the next 8 years working my way up to a management position. The following 8 years I traveled between 6 locations for John Martin's Manor, in the training and development departments. In 1983, fascinated by a floating restaurant, I returned to Portland, Maine and became the kitchen manager of DiMillo's Floating Restaurant. My job for the next 2 years was to develop new recipes and procedures to improve the menu. After owning a couple of sandwich shops and managing various restaurants, I was happy to return to DiMillo's in 1993 and assume my current position.

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Melissa Bouchard Chef

I have worked for the DiMillo family for almost ten years. In that time I have worked my way up from preparing salads, to sous chef to my current position. I am proud of my "Downeast heritage", and accredit my work ethic to it. From making Christmas wreathe in the winter to packing sardines and raking blueberries in the summer, I learned what hard work was at an early age. I obtained an Associates degree in medical assisting in 2004 from Andover College, but realized my passion for food was my true professional calling. I have recently become a member of the American Culinary Federation.

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Fred Breton Kitchen Manager

I started working for the DiMillo family in June of 1988. From washing dishes to expediting I have held every possible job title in the kitchen. Being familiar with every aspect of the kitchen propelled me into my current position as Kitchen Manager. As Kitchen Manager, I realize the importance of teamwork, loyalty and consistency and I strive to instill these principles in our crew everyday. In 1998 I obtained a CDL from Northeast Tech, but decided it made sense personally and professionally to continue to grow here at DiMillo's.

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Anthony Quattrucci Purchasing Agent/Kitchen Manager

I became interested in the food industry at the age of fourteen when I worked as a bus boy at Anthony's Restaurant in Portland. At an early age my father instilled in me the importance of a strong work ethic. Through out the years I have explored other professions but have kept a constant attraction to my true passion of working in food service and pleasing the public. I have been employed at DiMillo's Floating Restaurant since 2004 as a kitchen manager and purchasing agent. When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my wife Stephanie, daughter Samantha, and son Frankie.

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